Is my restraint of trade enforceable?

A restraint of trade clause is a provision in the employment contract that restricts an employee geographically to work in the same industry. The purpose of such a clause is generally to prevent an employee from competing with their previous employer for the business and/or commerce of that employer once terminating their employment. Depending on the purpose and implication of the clause, it is possible that the restraint would be unenforceable by…

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Do you need a business license?

terms of the Business Act 71 of 1991, certain businesses need a license to operate. In terms of the Act, the following businesses are required to obtain business a business license: Restaurant and catering;Nightclubs;Cinemas and theatres;Spas and health facilities; Prior to obtaining a license, you may not commence trading. Trading without a license is punishable with a fine of up to R2 000.00. Contact CGG INC. Attorneys for any assistance in complying…

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Resigning to avoid disciplinary

Many employees attempt to avoid their fate of dismissal or disciplinary action by resigning with immediate effect. It is important to note that the Labour Court has confirmed that an employer is still entitled to proceed with disciplinary action and to dismiss an employee even after resignation is submitted. You could also be forced to work your notice period and may be held liable for the breach of your employment contract. Contact…

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When do you have to register an employee for UIF?

Any employee who works for you for more than 24 hours per month must be registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).  Failure to register an employee for UIF, alternatively deducting UIF contributions and failing to pay same over to UIF constitutes an offence and you will be liable to pay a fine for non-compliance. Contact CGG INC. Attorneys if you need any assistance in this regard. 010 109 0941

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