Unfair Dismissals

In South African law, unfair dismissal refers to the termination of an employee's contract of employment without a fair reason or without following a fair process. The Labour Relations Act (LRA) provides for the protection of employees against unfair dismissal and sets out the procedures that employers must follow in order to terminate an employee's contract of employment. Employees who believe they have been unfairly dismissed can refer the matter to the…

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Unfair Discrimination

Unfair discrimination in South African law refers to treating someone differently and less favorably on the grounds of certain prohibited grounds, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, pregnancy, HIV status, and disability. This type of discrimination is prohibited by the Constitution of South Africa and various other laws, including the Employment Equity Act, the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act, and the Equality Act. The Constitution of South…

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Debt Reviews

Debt review, also known as debt counseling, is a process available to consumers in South Africa who are struggling to repay their debts. The process is governed by the National Credit Act (NCA) and is intended to help over-indebted consumers by providing them with a structured payment plan that is affordable and sustainable. The debt review process begins when a consumer contacts a debt counselor, who will then assess the consumer's financial…

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Labour Court

The Labour Court in Johannesburg is a specialized court in South Africa that deals with disputes related to labour and employment law. It has the jurisdiction to hear and determine disputes between employers and employees, as well as disputes between trade unions and employers. The court is located in the city of Johannesburg and is responsible for hearing cases from the Gauteng province and surrounding areas. The Labour Court has the power…

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